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specialties : American Art, American History, European History, Military
General Overview
The military Museum provides a large area for static and diorama displays, act as a research facility with an online computer data base, and serve as a meeting and convention center for military organization from around the state. The Military Museum of Texas is a Military Historic Landmark located in heart of Houston! The museum is open to the public five days a week from Wednesday to Sunday and is handicap accessible. Special tours may be arranged. The mission of the Military Museum of Texas is to expand the knowledge, deepen the awareness, and provide a greater appreciation, to both visitors and local residents, of the dedication and sacrifice of those citizens of the State of Texas in the defense of liberty. The Military Museum of Texas is a non-profit 501( c )(3) organization operating a museum in Harris County, Texas with principle interest focused on historical exhibits dedicated to the memory of those Texas citizens who have served in our nation s armed forces.
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